Loving Luna Leggings from Jala Clothing

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I purchased the Luna Legging by Jala Clothing at the blowout sale at D.NOLO last month. I am completely obsessed with them! Before you continue reading about my current yoga activities and more about the Jala Clothing brand, you should know Jala Clothing is offering my readers 25% off their order with code: THRIVE25! They are also offering FREE SHIPPING!

I have incorporated more yoga into my weekly fitness routines over the last few months. I did the same thing last year about this time. During the Winter months in Minnesota, it’s harder for me to commit to the long runs. My 8 milers turn into 4, and my 6 milers turn into 3. My weekly mile totals were cut at least 30%.

Yoga is a great way for me to keep active without suiting up in Winter gear and forcing a run. It has also been great for my overall body strength. I find I am a better runner when I am doing yoga. Yoga is my cross training!

Cutting miles is not easy for any runner. Some call it the “RunKeeper-itis” when all Spring, Summer, and Fall I have been watching my weekly miles, working on increasing my overall pace, and increasing the duration of my runs. To go from hard concentration on running, to cutting miles and incorporating a whole new activity, has been a big adjustment for me.

Honestly, I also really like to be the best I can be at everything I choose to do. I am constantly pushing myself to make goals for myself and crush them! So, starting over in yoga this Winter has been a humbling challenge.

The improvement I am already seeing is what keeps me interested in yoga. I get obsessed with how much further can I go. How can I improve? What else can I do? What poses will benefit me most as a runner? What poses benefit me most for stress relief? When I am outside of class I am researching poses I don’t understand and practicing. Family and friends have been helpful when I have questions. I also love Pinterest. Who doesn’t?


So, why Jala Clothing? They state:

Jala Clothing, a SoCal yoga inspired apparel brand, was established in 2008 by Kelly Kolterman an artist, yoga studio owner, and yoga teacher. In Sanskrit, “jala” means “sacred waters of life”. In yoga, water symbolizes transformation, creativity, and adaptability. Jala’s logo, the lotus flower, symbolizes infinite possibilities within oneself and the potential to connect to a higher consciousness. Jala’s soft buttery fabrics, comfortable flowing styles and positive designs fuse mindfulness, yoga and fashion.

Jala Clothing is committed to following ethical and responsible business practices and manufacturing. Jala seeks out suppliers that conserve resources and manufacture locally, and ethically by local California family-owned businesses.

At Jala, the term “seva” holds a special meaning. It is one of the simplest, yet most profound and life changing ways that they can put spiritual knowledge into action. Seva means “How may I serve you?” or “Can I help you?” At Jala, they believe in giving back through charitable services and free community yoga classes at their local store in Redondo Beach, CA. In addition Jala partnered with Yoga Gives Back.


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On my wish list are the Jala Cut Leggings! They are so sweet looking! The Luna Legging was a special buy for me because I was treating myself to something, I felt, would further my yoga practice. When you look good, you can feel good – yoga or otherwise. The material is so soft and breathable. They are cute enough to wear with a tunic top or oversized sweater, too! It feels great to support a brand with quality clothing and honest ideals.

Also to mention, their customer service is off the charts. I exchanged many e-mails with their assistant manager and lead guru, Brittany, who was so helpful and so generous in offering a discount to us!

So, if you haven’t already scooted over there to check out Jala Clothing‘s goods – do it! You can also find Jala Clothing on social media via:

Instagram – #jalaholic

Do you own any Jala Clothing pieces? Comment below or tag @thethriveblog or #thethriveblog on Instagram and I will happily share your photo!


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