Move Weekly Recap 2/1-2/7

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2/1 Sunday: Afternoon Body Flow at YMCA
2/2 Monday: 4 miles treadmill
2/3 Tuesday: off
2/4 Wednesday: 4 miles track
2/5 Thursday: Morning Yoga at YMCA
2/6 Friday: 4 miles track
2/7 Saturday: 8 miles outdoors

I thought I would start doing weekly recaps of my activities here at The Thrive Blog. While, some of you see activities I do here and there, you might be wondering what I actually do each week. I have started a marathon training program this week in hopes to increase my overall fitness and improve as a distance runner.

I am seriously considering running a May marathon here in Minnesota. However, there are a few small factors that are nagging at me. These factors are holding me back from committing to a race, right now.

However, if I do decide to run a May marathon, I need to start training for it – now. I am in good shape right now and I can handle the first few months of extra milage, so I am starting training without committing to a race.

I hope you can look at my weekly activities and think of how you can be busy, stressed, or tired and still get out there and do something good for yourself. In no way do I want my weekly recaps to come across like I am trying to prove myself to anyone.

I love reading the recaps from other blogs because they inspire me to do better, replenish me when I am feeling tired, and help me realize we ALL have off days. Sticking to a training plan for a major race, like a marathon, is important. However, we need to listen to our body to avoid injury or stress. Sometimes, when my running feels tough, I need to take a day off and rest to remind myself why I love to run.

I hope you find my weekly recaps entertaining! Happy moving!


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