Move Weekly Recap 2/15-2/21

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2/15 Sunday: Late afternoon Yoga at the YMCA
2/16 Monday: 5.4 miles track (4 mi + strides)
2/17 Tuesday: Morning Yoga at the YMCA
2/18 Wednesday: 5 miles track (slow/fast)
2/19 Thursday: Evening Yoga at the YMCA
2/20 Friday: 4 miles track
2/21 Saturday: 12.5 miles outdoors

I am at the tip of the iceberg with interval training this week. I thought I would dread intervals, but I actually find them exciting and refreshing. A four mile plus strides looks like this:

4 miles slow
20 seconds fast
2 minutes slow
20 seconds fast
2 minutes slow
20 seconds fast
2 minutes slow
20 seconds fast
2 minutes slow
20 seconds fast

It’s a little tough to stay on top of exactly 20 seconds, followed by two minutes doing laps, so I end up running 1/2 fast lap and then 2 full laps recovery. That way, I worry less about duration and can count laps more efficiently.

This week I had the most activities of any week in the last 18 months. My highest activity running week was in August of 2014, with 5 running activities. While, I didn’t run 5 times, it was still awesome to be active everyday for a whole week. I wanted to take advantage of marathon training not being super difficult right now by doing some cross training on my rest days.

Yoga is the perfect cross training exercise for me. It relaxes me, helps me gain more flexibility, helps with my upper body strength, and puts me in a better mood. I’d do it everyday if I could!

Happy moving and have a great week!

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