Move Weekly Recap 2/8-2/14

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2/8 Sunday: off
2/9 Monday: 4 miles track
2/10 Tuesday: off
2/11 Wednesday: 5.4 miles track (3 x 1 miles fast)
2/12 Thursday: Evening Yoga at the YMCA
2/13 Friday: 10 miles track
2/14 Saturday: Late afternoon Yoga at the YMCA

This week I realized how bad I needed a watch when I tried to run Wednesday’s 3 x 1 on the track. This training run looked like this:

1 mile slow
1 mile fast
2 minutes slow
1 mile fast
2 minutes slow
1 mile fast
1 mile slow

If I had been outside using my RunKeeper app for prompts, this run would have been much easier to accomplish correctly. However, with David in school, I took the little boys to play at the gym while I completed this run on the track.

Without the use of GPS, I had to count 10 laps on the track and use my phone to see my pace for each mile. Then, I had to use my phone to watch my 2 minutes slow, while also counting laps. And so on, and so on. It was nearly impossible. I had to sort of guess how far I went, as I was sure I screwed up somewhere. My mile paces were all over the place, too.

So, I stepped out and bought myself the Pebble watch. It has a lot of great features (I can get into in another post) including: a sync to my RunKeeper app, and also a lap counter. I really had to break in the watch, so I did my 10 miler on the track and successfully counted 100 laps. Crazy.

My favorite Yoga class at the YMCA is on Thursday nights. Chandra, the instructor, has a real ease with her transitions and also works me really hard. I find myself concentrating better in her classes and also sweating a lot more. While her classes are very “her” she changes them up each time to keep the class feeling new.

Happy moving!

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