Move Weekly Recap 2/22-2/28

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2/22 Sunday: Evening Yoga at the YMCA
2/23 Monday: 5.3 miles track (4 mi + strides)
2/24 Tuesday: off
2/25 Wednesday: 6 miles (slow/fast)
2/26 Thursday: off
2/27 Friday: off
2/28 Saturday: 3.1 miles track

This was a very off week for me! I got assumed food poisoning on Friday and had to move my Friday and Saturday runs over a day. It is such an out of control feeling when you are sick or injured and have to complete a run for a training plan. I completed my long run yesterday, on Sunday, and then also did my Monday run today. So, I’m a little wiped out!

Thankfully, I am in good shape to handle these adjustments here and there so I try not to let it bother me too much. Especially, when there is nothing I could do.

I was even a little tiresome on Wednesday’s run which looked like this:

1 mile slow
4 miles fast
1 mile slow

I think the run would feel a little easier if the the fast portion was 3 miles. However, 4 miles fast took some effort. Pretty sure none of the training runs are supposed to feel particularly easy. The 4 milers on Fridays, before the Saturday long run, are easy but I usually have dread looming over me for the long run! Plus, those Friday 4 milers are going to start adding miles as well in the coming weeks.

Well, that was a gloomy post, wasn’t it? For those of you Spring marathon training: are you starting to feel the extra miles wear you out a bit, yet?

Happy moving and have a great week!

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  • Mindi @ Build Your Dream Body


    I hope you’re feeling better, food poisoning is no joke. Great job on your runs! I’m not training for a marathon but you inspire me to run. Are you registered for a marathon? If so, which one?

    • MaryBeth at The Thrive Blog

      No, I have not registered – yet! I am leaning towards Med City in Rochester.


  • Ashley @ A Lady Goes West


    That’s too bad about getting sick, but you were smart to push your runs back. Nice job on fitting in some yoga too! Hope all is well with you now, MaryBeth! 🙂

  • Stacie @ SimplySouthernStacie


    Oh man, sorry about the food poisoning – that is the worst! But otherwise, it looks like you had a solid training week!

  • Julie @ Running in a Skirt


    Oh no! Food poisoning can totally zap you. Glad you were able to rebound so quickly.

  • Jill @ Champage for Everyday


    I hear you girl, there is nothing worse for me than getting sidelined from the gym because of sickness. It drives me nuts, and always happens when I need to be working out the most (after a weekend at home!).\

    xo Jill
    Effortless Chic – Date Night with Kora Rae

  • Sue @ This Mama Runs for Cupcakes


    I’m training for my first ever spring marathon. I’ve always done a fall marathon. It’s been tough with the winter and most of my runs on the treadmill! I was sidelined for the first 6 weeks of training from being sick with flu, pneumonia, bronchitis. Not fun at all. Hope you are feeling better!

    • MaryBeth at The Thrive Blog

      I can’t even imagine being out 6 WEEKS! I’m glad you didn’t let your sickness keep you from doing your first SPRING marathon!
      Looking forward to keeping up with you!

  • Laura Hager


    This is so inspiring! I definitely need to get into a workout routine, so this is a great idea.

    • MaryBeth at The Thrive Blog

      Thank you, Laura! I have never been on a real training plan before & it has made getting out so much easier on the brain!

  • Lauren


    I hope you are feeling better, food poisoning is the worst. I love that you are wearing a pebble! My husband and I are currently sharing a pebble, and love that it syncs with Endomondo. Technology is so cool and the new one looks amazing.

    • MaryBeth at The Thrive Blog

      Thank you, Lauren! Yes, I love the pebble syncs with RunKeeper (comparable to Endomondo). It is amazing the things we can track at the touch of our wrist!

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