Move Weekly Recap 3/1-3/7

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3/1 Sunday: 11.2 miles outdoors
3/2 Monday: 4.2 miles track (3 mi + strides)
3/3 Tuesday: off
3/4 Wednesday: 7.1 miles (slow/fast)
3/5 Thursday: off
3/6 Friday: 4 miles track, Yoga at the YMCA
3/7 Saturday: Hot Dash 10-mile Road Race

This week’s busy training schedule was equally challenged by my oldest son’s birthday festivities. My little bugger turned 5 on Sunday so, every day of the week was, of course, celebrated! Each one of those celebrations included some sort of sweet treat like, cake or cupcakes.

Every single one was totally worth it!

So, it’s good I had a 35+ mile running week because that calorie burn equals the 3,500 calories of cake I consumed. Let me say it again, it was all totally worth it!

The week didn’t start out too great. My 11 mile long run completely kicked my butt and exhausted me as I ran while recovering from food poisoning. I wish I could say I should have pushed it off another day but I really wouldn’t have done anything differently. My husband says he started to feel a little tired from the all-of-a-sudden increase in mileage at this point, as with a lot of training plans.

However, as you know, I had a successful 10-mile race experience on Saturday and I think I was most pleased with how well my body is handling the extra miles of marathon training. While, I have a little groin pain, my training plan hasn’t taken me too far out of my comfort zone and I am able to complete all my training runs without too much strain on my body. Sometimes, those really tough runs pave the way for some really awesome ones, like the race on Saturday!

Plus, I love the feeling of a little soreness after a run. Like, my body is getting broken down and is rebuilding stronger. I know we all like to look good and feel good, so I’m not going to lie when I say I like my jeans to fit better AND I am also getting stronger.

But, I am in this for the long haul. My running efforts are ultimately to make me stronger and more resilient. I am already “me” sized. As, I think I look just how I am supposed to look. I don’t need to be any bigger or smaller. However, I could be a helluva lot stronger, everywhere.

This week I am taking a few adventures with my kids that should lead me to some new and exciting running locations! It will be great to get out in the gorgeous weather and in some different places.

Where is your running taking you this week? Are you happy with how strong you are?

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