Move Weekly Recap 4/12-4/18

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move weekly recap via The Thrive Blog

move weekly recap via The Thrive Blog

4/12 Sunday: off
4/13 Monday: 3.5 miles sunset stroller run
4/14 Tuesday: off
4/15 Wednesday: 3.6 track/treadmill combo
4/16 Thursday: evening Yoga at the YMCA
4/17 Friday: 3.3 miles morning stroller run
4/18 Saturday: off

I’m skipping over last week’s activities(4/5-4-11) as my kids and I came down the the respiratory bug that had been going around. It felt great to get back into our groove this week and we had quite a few beautiful days to enjoy.

I’ve been really enjoying getting my run in with the kids in the stroller a few times a week. I’m starting to think about how long I plan on keeping my YMCA membership for. While, I really enjoy pushing the kids outside, I’d really miss the Yoga classes I take if I chose to put our membership on hold. There are also times when I might just want to run by myself on the treadmill while the kids burn off some crazy at the kid center.

Also, pushing the kids is a lot of work! I dread it a little until I get going, but I usually dread running in general before I get going! It’s a weird thing: dread and running. I LOVE to run, but there are plenty of days when I just don’t want to go…at all. The funny thing is, some of my best runs have come from when I feel I have no energy or desire to run.

I decided to abandon the stroller on Wednesday and went for a run on the treadmill instead. It was the worst idea ever! Running on the treadmill completely bored me and I found myself wishing I had gotten it done in the morning like I usually do. I even got off the treadmill and ran around the track a few times. My legs felt weird running that way, so I got back on the treadmill again. The whole thing was mentally exhausting. We headed to our first Twins game Wednesday evening, as well. I think I logged in about 5,000 steps in the 2 hours we were there.

I function so well under routine and structure – running and otherwise. I think I need plan the days I always run outside and with the stroller and the days I plan on heading to the gym. I think that might cut out some of the dread I feel or uneasiness about when I will get the next run in and where!

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