Minneapolis Yoga and Acupuncture Sampling Event

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I was kindly invited to join Healing InSight and Minnesota Power Yoga for an exclusive yoga and acupuncture VIP sampling event. I hadn’t experienced Minnesota Power Yoga and had never tried acupuncture. I thought it was an excellent opportunity to get my workout it, experience new things, sample some local vendors and meet some new people. I tell you, the event accomplished all those things!

Attendees enjoyed a free yoga class, acupuncture sampling and sample products from local vendors. I brought my world traveler and yogi friend, Julie, to accompany me. The event was located at Minnesota Power Yoga in Minneapolis. The studio is a few blocks east of Lyndale on the top floor. There is a nice waiting area with seating and cubbies for your gear. I was late arriving so, I rushed to sign waivers before the start of class. I hate being late.

Minnesota Power Yoga

I seated myself next to Julie and said my hellos as I tried to namaste myself back to reality after an hour of Minneapolis rush hour. The room was a nice size with matted floors and heated to a warm, but comfortable, 80 degrees. There was an entire wall of windows which I loved. Danielle is the owner of Minnesota Power Yoga and also our instructor. She was very straight forward, clear and friendly. She offered us 30 minutes of her power yoga class. It was familiar to me and quick through the movements for an excellent, tough workout. I was definitely a sweaty mess by shavasana.

Minnesota Power Yoga

After class we remained in corpse pose for our individualized acupuncture needling by the acupuncturists from Healing InSight located off Grand Avenue in St. Paul. I was able to speak with the acupuncturists before class and they calmed my hesitations and fears about not experiencing acupuncture before. I kind of wanted to take them all home with me. They were so calming and nice and I gravitated towards their positive energy.

Part of our waivers included specifying what areas of health we would like addressed by our acupuncturists. Whether it be stress, fatigue, sleep, or digestive health. I pretty much checked all the boxes. When it was my turn to be needled I tried not to flutter my eyelids in anticipation of the first poke. Alicia, my acupuncturist was very gentle and quietly described where she would be placing needles and why. I barely felt them go in! We all laid for a solid 10-15 minutes while our acupuncture went to work on our specific needs.

The needles didn’t bother me but I did get a little anxious to be done towards the end. I wasn’t sure how long we were going to be laying there, so I was relieved when I heard footsteps of the acupuncturists returning into the room. After our needles were removed, we sat up and I looked over at Julie like, did we just do that?

After our yoga class and acupuncture, Julie and I sat in the now much cooler room, chugged water and snuck in some gossip. When we returned to the seating area, there was a spread of food and drink from local vendors and gift bags for all the attendees. Local vendors included:  TruceBare HoneyWholeMe and Lolë.  I felt so spoiled!

I got to talk intently with Alicia and the owner of Healing InSight, Senia, about exercise, women’s health, and life. The entire experience was so comfortable and pleasant.

Yoga and Acupuncture Sampling Event

We also got to talk to Danielle about all the classes they offer at Minnesota Power Yoga and some of the differences between them. She is teaching a Rooftop Fitness Session at the Dock Street Flats on June 13 which I have every intention of attending. I really responded to her teaching style and it sounds like mad fun.

Yoga and Acupuncture Sampling Event

Would I take another class at Minnesota Power Yoga? Yes. Would I receive acupuncture from the acupuncturists at Healing InSight? Yes.

The whole event and experience was top notch, well executed, very organized, and a lot of fun. I was glad I could bring a friend because it only made the night more enjoyable. It was a total win-win-WIN.

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Do you love yoga? Do you enjoy trying new things? Have you ever received acupuncture before?

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