My Own Track Team

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I have my own personal track team these days. We are all running around together, supporting each other, logging lots of miles and trying to get our rest days in! Since my number one agenda is to keep everyone alive and entertained, I thought no better way to burn some energy than at the high school track on a beautiful, 65 degree, sunny, Minnesota morning.

boys on track

Last Friday marked the near end of week 2 of marathon training. My husband and I (among other awesome-sauce family members) are using a 16 week training plan for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon on October 9. This will be my first marathon and my husband’s fourth! We plan on running together but he is using a intermediate training plan and I am using a beginner plan.

I thoroughly enjoyed supporting my husband training for previous marathons. Of course, it’s a pretty sweet deal being his number one fan 4 years running. Last Summer was the most difficult of previous years, training and life-wise, but I am nothing short of excited to put on the miles this Summer with someone I am absolutely proud of.

I’m not completely new to marathon training. I got through week 8, and up to 14 miles on the long run in 2014, before finding out I was pregnant with our fourth child. However, I am in a completely different phase of running right now. While I have ran consistently since 8 weeks postpartum, I still consider myself postpartum! I’m also exclusively breastfeeding (with the introductions to solids) and have no intentions of weaning our baby before I run the marathon.

All that being said, if I can get some marathon training miles in with our four kiddos in tow, it opens up more time for our family to do other things – besides run! Like I said, this is our fourth Summer of marathon training and I am pretty good at making it a family affair. If dad’s out running, then the kids and I can go to the park and give him some water at mile 8. If mom’s running, dad can fill up the pool, so the naughty little boys can push her in it when she gets home!

high school track

The big kids have a standing easel in their bedroom downstairs and the night before our morning on the track I wrote, “Running Day!” in big letters. That morning, the boys woke up excited to go run on the track. They put on their “running clothes” and ate breakfast well, as they usually do.

The high school is only a mile from our home but I drove us anyway. I am sure the kids could bike out there when I have more miles to log. The four miler I was scheduled to run was only 16 laps around the track, taking me 35-40 minutes to complete it. I figured the kids would do great running and playing for that length of time, and I was right.

I pushed the double jogger with Patrick and Nickolas for the first 10 laps. I really enjoyed watching my two big boys running on the track and laying on the football field. I imagined it could be something they would remember as they got older. Maybe they play sports on that field someday and it was nice to think the first time they were out there was with their old mom.

snack on the track

All the kids had their own water bottle and at 12 laps they sat on the bleachers and had a little snack. I parked and locked my stroller facing the big boys and completed the last lap on my own. This last lap was so quiet and sweet. I looked over at my four happy boys, knowing our run was soon to be over and the rest of our day would begin. It’s a true fact: miles change you. For us, miles change us for the better. They open up so many more opportunities to be together and in ways I never thought I would experience life with my children.

running on the track

I finished my run refreshed and the kids and I quickly packed up to take on the rest of our Friday! I’m hoping to complete most of my Friday easy runs on the track. I felt safe without the worry of traffic other people out on the road and the kids obviously enjoyed running and playing on the field. David started a notebook, just like his mom and dad, where he will write about his “running days”. I can see a runner in him, already!

  • Marcia


    I see David as a runner too! Fun post-fun mom!

  • erin


    i love the picture of them at the “start”! now i just need to teach you about football… 🙂

  • erin


    and, of course, i am so excited to cheer you on over the next 3 months!

  • Canus @ Runnerlight


    Three little boys look cute ^^ Glad! You complete your run refreshed.

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