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As November comes to a close, the end of the year holidays and gift giving season is upon us! Just last night my husband was asking me what I want for Christmas. This year I exclaim, “Nothing! Please, nothing!” I mean it, really I do. How do we chose the right gift for the people we love when we feel we have everything, already? How do you choose what to gift those who give you everything by just being there for you?


I have the opportunity to work with the watch company, JORD Wood Watches, and I am pretty excited to share them with you. Can you imagine the best part of receiving a beautiful men’s watch to love and share? The best part about sharing our love for JORD is that my husband loves JORD! All those years when Pete replied, “I want nothing for Christmas.”, he was still pretty excited about receiving this watch from JORD.


I have to admit, I am totally obsessed with my Garmin vívoactive watch. Before my Garmin, I happily wore the Pebble watch. My activity watches inspire me to be more active than I already am. There is something about getting to the next tier of daily steps or being confident that 4.25 loop around my neighborhood is really 4.25… not 4.2 or 4.3 – because when you love the running numbers as much a running, the watch is another fun part of the runner’s life.

However, my Garmin doesn’t really match my cocktail dress for a wedding. I don’t really need to count my steps on date night. I think it’s OK for everyone to have a little vanity, and honestly, it bothers me sometimes when my fitness watch distracts from my outfit. Also to mention, I have the worst tan line ever from Summer marathon training. A nice watch, like the Conway series – Dark Sandalwood and Burgundy Pete picked out from JORD, is perfect for an active watch wearer on a rest day.


Over the last few years I’ve tried to pressure Pete into his own watch but he never really bit the bullet on trying one. I have to say, when our (I say “our” like it’s “mine” but that is marriage for you, folks!) watch arrived, I had to remind my husband not to shred the box upon opening! He was pretty pumped to try a new watch, especially one that would fit so easily into his daily life.

The JORD company prides itself on creating hand-crafted wood time pieces that tell a story. Well, here is ours:


The first time I remember meeting Pete, he was in the hallway of our dingy, college, off-campus apartment. If you told me 13 years later we’d have our four kids and a happy, domestic life I would have laughed in your face. Even so, having a husband to love and having a family together is something I always knew I wanted, since I ever learned to want anything. There has always been something calming, intellectual and bohemian about my husband. He may not have the long hair, Led Zeppelin posters in the bedroom, or Phish on repeat, like he used to – but trust me, that beautiful man is still there. He just had to make room to be a parent, like I did, too.


The best thing about receiving a JORD Wood Watch for Pete, is the watch is so calming, intellectual and bohemian, just like my sweet husband. It fits his aesthetic, style, personality, and his mood. He can wear it to work, out to a football game with the kids, and on a date night with me. The JORD watch is effortless and cool, like the 20 year old I met while I had my dad move my desk into my tiny college bedroom. I wouldn’t have agreed to share JORD with you if their style didn’t already fit into our life.


If you are considering a watch as gift for someone, or for yourself, JORD is offering a $25 e gift code towards any watch of your choice now through March (if not Christmas, you can save your discount for Valentine’s Day!) Here is more information about the Conway series – Dark Sandalwood and Burgundy watch Pete chose, as well!

Also, be sure to visit my Instagram page to enter a giveaway for a $50 gift card towards any watch! These gift cards would make a great stocking stuffers, too!

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches. Pete and I’s meeting is completely unique to us.


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