Post-Holiday Reset with Oats Overnight

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I received a sample of Oats Overnight for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. Please enjoy 10% off at Oats Overnight with code THRIVE10.

If you are anything like me, you are trying to recover from the 3+ day food fest that is the holidays! I had so much fun last weekend: eating and drinking my heart out. While I still have plenty of holiday festivities planned into 2017, this week I am continuing my indoor triathlon training and attempting to reset and fuel my body right after quite a few indulgences last weekend.

A post-holiday reset for me starts with breakfast, and this week I tried something new from Oats Overnight! Every morning around 7:30, I brew a half a pot of coffee as I assemble the kid’s breakfast. Kid’s meals almost always include: a carbohydrate like a granola bar or banana bread, a fruit like strawberries or banana, and a dairy like yogurt. Once or twice a week I make scrambled eggs.

On a typical day, I often reach for 2 hard boiled eggs, or a light Greek yogurt with my morning coffee. I used to eat a protein bar every single morning, but I got so hungry and crabby by 10 AM, I stopped eating them. Since joining Life Time Fitness in October, most of my workouts are in the morning and I wanted my breakfast to last me all the way to lunch with my kids at 12:30.

This week, breakfast included Oats Overnight, truly a smarter way to start my day!

Oats Overnight can innovate and simplify anyone’s breakfast routine with a line of delicious, healthy and pre-measured overnight oats that’s portable and quick! Available in Green Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana and Strawberries & Cream, there’s a flavor (or three) for everyone.

Each evening, I poured 8 oz. of my favorite unsweetened vanilla almond milk into the Oats Overnight blender bottle. Then I added the prepackaged mix into the milk, replaced the cap, and gave it a little shake. I placed the product in my refrigerator and was done! You have probably seen all the beautiful overnight oats recipes on Pinterest. I have been interested in trying the recipes for months, but who has time for all that? I love to try new things and eat well, but I am just not that organized to pull off those recipes on my own.

Oats Overnight does all the planning, shopping, and ingredient measuring for you and has three awesome flavors for you to wake up to and enjoy: Strawberries & Cream, Green Apple Cinnamon, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana. There isn’t just oats in these convenient packages, there are all kinds of awesome ingredients like: chia seeds, flax seeds and maca root enriched protein.

As you all know by now, the first ingredient I read on any package before anything else, yes even more than calories, is: protein! Oats Overnight packages have 32-34 grams protein each! That is 3 times the protein of my morning eggs or Greek yogurt. In addition to my morning coffee, I enjoyed half of my Oats Overnight for breakfast and the other half when I made the kid’s lunch after our morning at the gym or running errands.

Oats Overnight is delicious, convenient, and affordable. You can order a starter pack, including any or all of the three great flavors, and a Oats Overnight blender bottle for $18. You can also use code THRIVE10 to get 10% off your order! Every order ships free. You can, of course, order larger amounts of Oats Overnight from their website, as well.

I can confidently say, Oats Overnight was a tasty change to my morning routine and it left me fueled for my morning workouts. I also didn’t get hungry and cranky by 10 AM like some other breakfast products have left me in the past. If you have always wanted to try overnight oats, but thought they were too complicated to put together, Oats Overnight makes your morning easy!

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