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Hello, everyone!

I am so excited to be sharing the next chapter of my online journey with Trails and Tris. If you are here as a “The Thrive Blog” follower, then please join me as I begin a new blog and brand for a new MaryBeth.

Really, I am the same MaryBeth, but last year was life-changing-amazing. As you know, I started training for triathlons in Fall of 2016 and I completed four triathlon races in 2017. It was the wildest few months of my life and I teetered between sheer joy and sheer exhaustion most of the time.

The kind of exhaustion I only seemed to dream about. I put my head on the pillow each night with the dream to be the best I could be, everyday, for myself and my family. Honestly, I could not be more happy tired if I tried!

Honestly, “The Thrive Blog” never really fit me. By trimming things down around here, I can more completely focus on a few things I really love: running, triathlon, food and my family. It feels so much better when I just concentrate on those few things.

So, what do you need to know?

This year, I am training for the Lake Wobegon Trail Marathon on May 12, 2018. I could not be more excited for this race and the Winter to Spring training for it. I am also committed to racing the olympic distance Minneapolis Triathlon in July and Ragnar Great River in August. These are my bucket list items for 2018, but I am sure I will find a race to do each month! I am also participating in the Open Water Swim Club in Minneapolis with my dad. It is going to be another amazing year, I am sure.

Pete and I completed our first Whole30 program in January of 2017 and it changed everything about the way we ate for the rest of the year. We are so confident in the health and happiness benefits of the program, we did another round this year. I am such a believer of the Whole30 program and it changed my life the same way running did back in 2012. I hope to share more about our food freedom as we continue to eat inspired by the paleo diet.

Of course, I couldn’t be me without the constant support of my village! I hope you’ll continue to follow my journey and be sure to follow my other social media links, so you can see what we are up to around here.

Wishing you the best in 2018,


  • Auntie K


    Couldn’t be prouder of you Mar Mar! Inspiration doesn’t even begin to describe it. You make me see anything is possible with hard work, determination, and love and support from family and friends. I wanna be you when I grow up! Love you girl ❤❤❤

  • Marcia


    Love and admire my girl!

  • Mothers


    Well said Kitty. My thoughts exactly!

  • Donna


    Marybeth you continue to amaze me with your drive, commitment, and dedication to your health and your families health. May 2018 be your best year yet training and competing! Love you

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